Big surprise by Ontario, 1406 express entry candidates having technical background were invited in a PNP draw.

Basic requirement for each candidate to get invited was to have:

(a) An Express Entry Profile with CRS scores between 455 & 467; and 

(b) One year of work experience in one of the below written NOC codes. 

It is to be specifically noticed that candidates either having lower score or higher score than 455 & 467 respectively, were not invited in this draw.

Following NOC codes were invited:

  1. Computer and information systems managers – NOC 0213
  2. Computer engineers -NOC 2147
  3. Database analysts and data administrators NOC 2172
  4. Software engineers and designers NOC 2173
  5. Computer programmer and interactive media developers NOC 2174
  6. Web designers and developers NOC 2175.

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