October 29, 2021

From October 30 2021, all travellers above the age of 12 leaving from an airport in Canada or travelling via a federal regulated transport, are required to be fully vaccinated. All Domestic/International flights, Trains, Ships on voyages of 24 hours or more, come under the purview of above regulation.

If anyone who has already started his/her journey without being fully vaccinated, the same individual will be required to present a proof of valid COVID-19 molecular test. The above exemption is available till only November 29, 2021, after which the exception shall also expire, unless exempt under very small exemptions.

Also, unvaccinated foreign nationals who are on temporary visit to Canada, and, those who entered before October 30, are allowed to board flight without being vaccinated until February 28, 2022, only, if the proof of valid COVID-19 molecular test is provided by them.

Exemptions from above to meet emergent exigencies will be announced soon. More details shall follow soon.


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